What’s the point?
Why are we here?

World’s first selfie.

The point is I’m here, virtually, because there’s such a thing as the Internet.

I’m here, literally, because my parents had sex. There’s no denying it. And this is what’s come of that. So, let’s consider it a cautionary tale.

I want you kids out there to hear the truth. If you have unprotected sex, you’re likely to create another human being.

And as Hardy always said to Laurel, “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into!” – at which point Stan Laurel would blubber. And people laughed. A lot.

I’ve spent my life discovering what makes people laugh. It hasn’t always been at the most appropriate time – funerals come to mind off the top of my head…but I’ve always tried to find the “funny” in life and death.

It’s really been “The Pursuit of Happiness” and that’s a right in the Declaration of Independence. Just being patriotic below the 49th – the pursuit of happiness in Canada is tangible – warm boots and cold beer.

I can’t promise any more than this could be a pleasant way to kill time while in line at the airport or at the bank.

“I have nothing to say so I’ll be as brief as possible. Thank you for letting me speak my mind.”

This was my yearbook comment in my last fun-filled year of high school. I had no idea at the time it was going to turn out to be so prophetic.


You can entertain yourself here for hours…or go ahead and use the arrows below to navigate through the site.  


You can entertain yourself here for hours…or go ahead and use the arrows below to navigate through the site.  

We apologize if you visited this website expecting an examination of the existential questions that face us all every day. It’s not.

Or is it?

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    You know, when I'm servin' the Lord, I've got no time to serve dinner! That's why I rejoiced when Swansong's manifested this – Swansong’s Last Supper T.V. Dinner. Oh, 'tis truly a blessing! You just take it from the freezer and cast it to the fires of Hell! And in twenty minutes, you've got a divine dinner with a heavenly aroma you'd walk the waters for! It comes in three sizes: Feast 'O Plenty pack, the Disciple Dinner and the Holy Ghost Party Barrel! So next time you're servin' the multitudes, be a heavenly host with Swansong's Last Supper T.V. Dinner and resurrect your family's taste!



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