Not dead yet but on life support

Not dead yet but on life support

What Joe did for nothing.

Imagine the possibilities.

Dorie White & Betty Smythe’s Weight Loss through Guilt Reduction plan

Sorry – we’re keeping details on this one under wraps because of the potential for worldwide franchise opportunities.

Developed and co-written with Jim Lynch, a Certified Digital Media Arts Instructor (among other various careers), and my certifiable partner in several well received stage productions we created/wrote/performed in my last year of high school, including “The Herman Woodman Band” and “Danny & Dave”, an homage to Albert Brooks, as well as being co-recipient of the prestigious Graham Cable Cecil B. DeMille Award for cable access programming at its pinnacle of excellence. In his private life, Jim likes to…none of your business.

Eco Angels

A self-realized organic intelligence created by Mother Nature transforms four misfit high school students into “The Eco Angels, teen guardians of planet Earth!”

Developed with Mladen Alexander, a talented creator and Canadian musician.

Nico’s Secret Garden

A magical place for adventures where whatever you can imagine can happen. The young kids who come through a secret door to play with Nico and his dog, meet other friendly animals, birds, insects and fish and they all can speak.

Developed with Mladen Alexander, a talented creator and Canadian musician (who wrote a very catchy theme song).

Up Yours

Featuring the enchanting world of ventriloquism and marionette puppetry, Howdy Doody, Charlie McCarthy, Elmo and Lamb Chop all live together in the same house, where puppet stars who have hit the skids try to revive their careers and fight their drug and alcohol addictions, but things take a different turn when Triumph, the Insult Dog, moves in. Rights clearances are pending.

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    Swansong's Last Supper T.V. Dinner



    You know, when I'm servin' the Lord, I've got no time to serve dinner! That's why I rejoiced when Swansong's manifested this – Swansong’s Last Supper T.V. Dinner. Oh, 'tis truly a blessing! You just take it from the freezer and cast it to the fires of Hell! And in twenty minutes, you've got a divine dinner with a heavenly aroma you'd walk the waters for! It comes in three sizes: Feast 'O Plenty pack, the Disciple Dinner and the Holy Ghost Party Barrel! So next time you're servin' the multitudes, be a heavenly host with Swansong's Last Supper T.V. Dinner and resurrect your family's taste!



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