Performing Highlights

Performing Highlights

What Joe drinks to forget

La maledizione è reale.

Before I left for LA, I made my mark as a performer in television and industrial videos, adding to our rich Canadian cultural legacy. Although some would say it’s better described as “left a nasty stain”.

I was co-lead in a two-hander national commercial for Home Hardware. (I’m hoping that makes it sound like I have legitimate theatre experience.)

Home Hardware Commercial

I had a lead guest role as an investigating homicide detective on the Montreal-based sitcom production, “Snowjob”. I got to wear a hat and trench coat. The hat and the coat were nominated for a “Best Supporting” role, narrowly losing out to Relic’s toque from the “Beachcombers”, which won for the 21st year running.

Inspector Barnstable, Snowjob

In the late night crime series, “Hot Shots” (“The Star” – air date September 23, 1986), I played a grizzled investigative newspaper reporter (Tom “Sully” Sullivan) who discovers a prominent politician is “hooking up” with his movie-star girlfriend in a no-tell motel. I was knifed in the chest by the politician’s henchman in the opening scene.

Knife to the Chest

I’ve seen my performance. I deserved to be killed. But I did get to wear a hat.

It was a nighttime shoot in the sleazy motel strip on Lakeshore West. The “prostitute” extras walking the street we’re getting all the “action” from trawling cars. Why the sudden uptick in looks didn’t strike the potential “johns” as “too good to be true” is odd. It didn’t sit well with the local sex workers. This proves my contention that real hookers and strippers don’t look anything like their TV and film counterparts but thinking with your dick can cause a suspension of disbelief.

The grizzled reporter

You don’t have to live in reality all the time but you have to visit once in awhile.

Only thirteen episodes of the show were produced. The Chilco Curse continues. Perhaps some Sicilian curse my grandparents brought over with them. Those people know how to hold a grudge.

Bottom line: I may not have the pedigree of an RH Thompson or a Gordon Pinsent or a Christopher Plummer.

That’s all I got. Just wanted to clarify that point.

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