Stuff that Rhymes

Stuff that Rhymes

What makes Joe iambic?

I was nuts before I knew it.
And never thought
to undo it.

Cogito, ergo sum – I think, therefore, I am.

René Descartes may have been a drunken fart as the Pythons suggested, but he’s still getting press off of this simple phrase.

Having a thematic through line that unifies the pieces makes it seem like I gave this a lot of thought. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. It just occurs to me and I riff on it. In all humility…I’m humble bragging.

However, far be it from me to make any less effort than Aaron Sorkin in this regard, so I’ve settled on Life and its relationship to Death as my overarching theme, and to prove it, I’ve made up this list of the titles of the pieces and the manner in which they explore an aspect, in a somewhat feeble attempt to create supporting evidence.

Let us pray:
Jesus, I hope I get at least a C on this because I don’t want to have to redo this project. Amen.

the creative side of life
the thin line of life
Witness or Witless
the high side of life
the dark side of life
The Garbage Pail of Life
(you know)
The Inside World
the silent side of life
Then I Broke
the last chance of life
Hauntings from the Past
the past intrusion of life
Fuck AI
the current intrusion of life
Obsidian Fantasy
the mystical umbilical of life
Fighting Words
the battle of life

I have a friend who is a very talented musician with his own recording equipment. He took some of my “rhyming things” and set them to music. If you like them, he deserves full credit. These are available on Soundcloud.

More Or Less by Gordon Russell

The Garbage Pail of Life by Gordon Russell

Moe Better’s Marsupial Love by Gordon Russell

Moe Better’s Retired by Gordon Russell

Rhythm & No Blues by Gordon Russell

Jesus on LSD by Gordon Russell

Usually, my writing process starts with a thought/topic/area of interest and/or a first line.

Unlike Shakespeare, I don’t concern myself with writing everything in iambic pentameter…I’m just pleased when it ends up making some sense.

I started using this form of expression just for fun – there was never any intention to publish or sell – that took all the pressure off me. I was free to be me and I didn’t disappoint in that regard. I was completely me.

I doubt I’m giving any competition to any of the great poets, living or dead.

But the beauty of the Internet is I can be my own publisher. I don’t have to convince anyone else that my efforts have value and deserve distribution.

Love and sex stave off loneliness and our self-contained oneness. (Not breaking any new ground here.) It’s important not to get the two confused in personal relationships. And yet…

You can have sex with someone you love but you can also have sex with someone or something you don’t love. (Don’t judge me.)

You can love someone but you can love other “ones”, too. (Otherwise soap operas wouldn’t exist.)

It seems to come down to just what is said/conveyed/represented. That’s where the trouble starts. Interpretation. Signals crossed.

Once again, in an effort to keep up with Aaron Sorkin as to overarching theme, I’ve settled on Love and Sex – what happens when those things get confused, and to prove it, I’ve made up this list of the titles of the pieces and the manner in which they explore an aspect, in a tangential, far-fetched attempt to create supporting evidence.

The Power
Love that could kill you
Love that never dies*
Sometimes I Feel
Wax & Wane of Love
Black Widow
Sex that'll kill you
Last Call Boogie
Sex for Love and Love for Sex
Marsupial Love
“Outside the box” Love and Sex
Love Underground

*Anything in parentheses is the backup vocalist(s)

the circle of life with the setting sun on malibu beach

Aging isn’t the same as “Growing Up”, although the two are often considered synonymous. Juvenile or sophomoric – they’re often spoken of as if they’re a bad thing.

I suppose if you’re hoping to save the planet from an impending and imminent collision with a very large comet, a more serious attitude could be helpful, then again…a whoopee cushion might be just the thing to break the tension.

This brings us to the focus of the overarching theme of these burnt offerings – something everyone does every minute of every day and we’ve all been doing it since the day we were born – aging.

Aging never seems to present much of a problem unless you’re hoping to drink underage. And once you’re old enough to drink, Life just seems to hit the gas until the impacts of aging make their presence felt. It is this promise of Golden Years that has lost its luster the closer you come.

If the Circle of Life means ending up in soiled diapers…well, Joni Mitchell made it seem so much more poetic.

As we’re slowly dragged into the yawning jaws of Death, it’s important to remember it’s all about the journey not the destination. Note: If you’re considering that as a slogan for a new airline – don’t. Trust me, it’s about the destination.

We must all collect our baggage and not leave it unattended. Reminder: Life’s baggage looks similar – make sure it’s yours and not somebody else’s. If anyone approaches you and asks you to put their baggage in yours, please leave the bar area immediately for your own safety.

As usual, I’ve concocted flimsy justifications for all the titles listed below.

The ‘60s Baby Boomers are now in their 60s. Even if age is just a number, you can’t roll the mileage back. I don’t care what the plastic surgeon told you.

The Kingdom of Canada
10-minute misconduct and a game suspension
The Present Mind
Suspended animation
Suspended income
What Comes With Age
Suspended control
Bleating the Blues
Suspended pursuit
Have Some Fake in Yourself
Suspended reality
Rhythm & No Blues
Suspended syncopation
Getting it wrong
Suspended recall
Waiting on the Other Shoe
Suspended time
collage of colourful eyes
collage of colourful eyes

All of these things are not like the other. All of these things are not the same. I’ve given up on the pretext of an overarching theme and just thrown this stuff up. HodgePodge not only rhymes, but it seems a most appropriate title for this section. Whatever fits, we print.

Hug Yourself
Paen to Mental Health
Steel Blue
Long Distance
The Bible - The Missing Bits
Hiding in Plain Sight
Transit Interruptus
Will It Ever Be That Good Again
Fuzzy Recall
Lid on Your Id
Thought Provoking Examination
Cancelled Flight
Not Too much
Correct Dosage
Some Days
You ebb; I flow
Time Borrowed
Does anybody know what time it is?
I am
Popeye’s wisdom
The Bright Future
On backorder
Everything in Between
Three Square Miles
Fat Cat Chat
Artificial Stupidity
I Can’t Say That I Am
I Can’t
Jesus on LSD
Host with the Most
Love Affair
With Words
Never Had to Try
New Reality
Were you are
Not a Typo
Oxy-Dopa-Sero-Tonaline (Bésame Mucho)
Get Your Kicks From Your Lips

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